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I always wanted to do this page but my first one was a fail(I had no ideas to be honest). I better do my nostalgia page on my Windows 10 machine since it's much faster and I got used to CSS3's syntax.

Oh, so I hadn't wrote here the purpose of this nostalgia section... Well, basically i'm getting an adult and I have some stuff which was kinda interesting and good in my childhood (like cartoons, books, and so on) which I want to share to you. It's been a part of my life and these were good. Unfortunately time has passed around and lots of things have changed around me. I wonder if you enjoy any of the stuff here! :)

Update May 21 2018:Welcome to the renewed Nostalgia page! I hope you like the design i just made. Also, new content in Cartoons page. There's a hint in the Table Of Contents.

Two pages are still not created since that'd require so much time to do that, and I also still have 3 exams in the last 10 days of May, after that finally i can 'freely' breathe.

Maybe you know Windows ME, for me I think it's a good OS, though it can be very annoying, especially when you switch hardware and it can cause you pain...

A screenshot when I installed it on VMware player & a photo when I installed it on my IBM PC:
You can see, Win ME recognized my IBM PC's chipset, but it couldn't the VMware player's.

Well, since then I reinstalled Windows 98 SE, because I got Windows Protection Error when I tried to install the graphics driver for NVIDIA Geforce FX5200. I prefer Windows 98SE for gaming to Windows ME. Windows ME is only good for PCs with integrated GPU. I literally sucked with installing Graphics driver, but when I wanted to benchmark the PC, I got the BSOD then.

I actually own a floppy disk thanks to my German friend who sent it me via mail.

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Copyright notice thingy: The text written by me is copyrighted material, and also the pictures taken by me. The photos in Cartoons page are collected from the internet(and the music) and they're used from external links to ensure it's not my material(though i put a comment there on the bottom of page).