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This is also a long topic so I write the most possibly short description from every game. There are some games, which title I don't know so I won't write about them.

First PC game I've ever played in my life (not on my own PC):

Colin Mcrae Rally 2

Well, I played with that in 2004, so I don't have much memories (okay, I have some, I remember the graphics), but I know it was a good game, and I think I'd played with Rally 2005 (or other Rally part of the series), and that was on my cousin's PC. (it had few games but i don't remember its titles)

In short, in this game you participate on rally races with rally cars which have great abilities, and its graphics, gameplay was on the top (IDK how performs the newer games)

(Maybe Colin was the 2nd game, I had played Lego Racers 2 back in 2003 or 2004 at my kindergarten friend's home)

Neighbours from Hell 1 (2002)

I played with this when I played with Colin Mcrae, I have its setup CD, I was well with it when I got my own PC and at that time my cousin brought the game to my home so I could complete it (i know the last maps/"episodes" were hard so I had to watch walkthrough on Youtube that how to do that prank). I loved this game.

The main character is Woody who has an annoying neighbour, and he does everything to take revenge on him, so he does pranks which makes the neighbour puzzled and you get view percentage (because it's in a show on TV). The beginning is easy but the middle and the end is hard. The point is that we should be in incognito because the neighbour hits you if he sees what you are doing.

My first PC game what I played on my main PC:

The crazy bunny (then few months (1 or 2) later the Snowman which I bought in the closest stationery shop, which is the same as the bunny game)

in-game picture

Pictures about my CDs:

picture of the crazy rabbit's CD picture of the Snowman's CD

So this is a 3D platformer, but very interesting (because polish people did it), the controls are okay but the platforms are put in an odd way, so it's nearly impossible to complete the last stages, but I completed both in a few weeks :D They didn't put intro and outro so the whole thing is doesn't make sense, typical polish game but at least you can have many good hours with it but it's sometimes pain in the neck,when you can't complete the stage for the 10th try.

Need for Russia 1,2 (2007,2008)

The two games are the same, because of the gameplay, the graphics is kinda old for that period (it's like a game of 1998/2000 with shading effects), it's good but shit in the same way, because it's polish and it's known that polish games are usually shit from the period 2005-2010, there are some negatives:

The positive is that there are lots of tracks and to choose from, but there aren't other points. The resolution can't be higher than 1280x1024(or maybe 1600x1200 but i don't have such a screen with an odd resolution), because the game doesn't know HD resolution, the picture with a 16:10 monitor also stretches.

There were some other polish game but it didn't make sense to play with.

The first normal game what I played with:

Need for Speed: Prostreet, from 2007

...but I bought it in 2009, I think it's one of the best car game where you can destroy your car to totalcar literally, I spent a lot of enjoyable hours with it, you could tuning the car well, but it didn't hit the Underground's level where you could tune your car as you wished, and that game had open world, but the Prostreet had tracks.

The controls are bad but if you get used to it, you can make lots of victories, I think the boss is the only one who is hard to defeat, he's Ryo Watanbe, I defeated him for the first walkthrough but I played it again a few (2-3) years ago, and I couldn't(but I didn't complete game, I typed a cheatcode which unlocks every stage, cars and tiers).

The game had lots of cheatcodes which were good in the game, some of them contained car too. I didn't play multiplayer on it back in 2009, because I was young for that, now the multiplayer server's gone a few years ago so it's impossible to play with others (since NFS:PS a few NFS titles came out)


Other Games:

Submachine flash game series

i got to know this series from tasselfoot in 2009 (he's a youtuber) with the Submachine 6, and that game's made by Mateusz Skutnik, a polish game maker/artist, makes comics and drawings too in his YouTube lives.
In short the game is about escaping from where you are, and you click back and forth, also there are some notes where you can get to know interesting things connection with the game's world (especially in the SubNet Exploration Experience). Matuesz's webpage, here you can find all of his games, the Submachine too (which isn't the gun, it's the sub machine(a machine which is connection with a network system where you have to escape from).

Need for Speed: Shift(2009)

This is an interesting episode of the series, because it's not like the usual NFS games' experience, here you feel like in a simulator, the game isn't bad IMO, but it requires a good machine (at least a GTX 2xx or newer GPU to have at least 60 FPS, my PC has a Geforce 8600 GT (Ik its old but i didn't want to replace it 'cuz my PC's old), because it lagged on my PC when I crashed into a wall, but it's not bad, okay, sometimes it's interesting, especially when you crash the car, it won't get too much damage (so no total car, maybe it can't be controlled but the engine doesn't brake down), here it lost its reality of the game, but that's good if you crash you can hear your quick breathing. It's annoying thing if you go away from the track, it gives you penalty(if too much, you can't complete the track), but that's I think for racing games, just I found it annoying.

Gameplay of the first stages:

Need for Speed: Hot pursuit 2010

I loved this game, currently its CD is at my ex-best friend, so I can't play with it unfortunately, but I'd like to, just my friend still plays it (or idk). I bought it on the release date in Media Markt, and they brought back the NFS feeling, and it's open world so you can go anywhere you wanted.

The only bad thing was that you couldn't tune the car, only change the paint of it. But, if you damage your car totally, the mission will end, and because it's about police pursuing cars, the police officers can arrest you.

A The track isn't small, because it's about 30x30 kms big(16 mi x 16 mi) or more, but you could go through it in a half an hour with a fast car (including forest tracks), and also it has unfinished stages in the map for decoration.

I played multiplayer on it too, but I got my Origin account banned which I'll explain later, and I couldn't activate the code to my other account, so I was very angry, because there were still some players in 2013.


Need for Speed World

This game had 4/5 years of life (from 2010 to 2014), when EA announced that the servers will be shut down. Well, it was a good game in its time, it was about massive multiplayer racing, you could tune the cars as you wished, but I was banned because the developers left a bug in a game which everybody took its advantage (you could buy infinite Porsche Cayman S and infinite Dodge 4x4 cars, which you could sell for game money), and the 30% of the community was banned with the Origin account. When I got to know this, I freaked out, because I just lost my NFS: Hot Pursuit serial number, but I'd played with it very much, I played with it but not much.

OMSI 1-2

I know this game since it's announcing.(youtube recommended this video, and I liked it because I'm also a bus fan (of Ikaruses and buses from the 80s and 90s)) The OMSI shortening means Omnibus Simulator. So I won't give very much details :) The main point is that you're a bus driver and you have to take the passengers from A to B in the best way that they won't shout if you drive well, and you have to bear the weather conditions(if you set yourself the weather), and the traffic (jams). The main game contains 2 maps (Berlin's Spandau district and a fictive village called Grundorf), and MAN autobuses from 1977 to 1992, but you can mod it by buying DLCs or downloading maps/vehicles for free to make the gameplay better.

In 2013 they released the 2nd edition of the game, which was a bit unsuccessful at the beginning because it had lots of bugs which are now fixed mostly, and now it's at version 2.3(the double-articuled bus update), but its development stopped due to Marcel and his crew(Marcel Kuhnt and Rüdiger Hülsmann did OMSI but they went on their own ways because of disagreement) started developing LOTUS-Simulator which is a complete public transport simulator (bus, trolleybus, tram, subway, local railways and similar vehicles (maybe airplane? they didn't reveal the L letter but I think it's Luft (air in german) which can mean air transport :D)

I made some mods for the game, some of aren't public because the bus I modded was a bit mixed by me, and I got bored that the cringey hungarian OMSI community asks me for bus, so I got bored of this, that I stopped making mods. The hungarian OMSI community is kinda stealer, liar, cheater where mostly 15-25 year-old guys are but the below 20s are making shit. There are some people who isn't a dick, but their number is just a few (about 10).


That game is known by everybody so I won't introduce it. If you don't know the game, Google is your friend. :)

I got to know this game in May 2011 on a friendly forum, I wanted to try it but I couldn't play with it because I didn't know what to do, but in August 2011 I found luckeY's youtube channel (he run at that time as wazzupLUCKEY but next year he deleted himself, after that in secret he registered back with new name that I found him in 2014 with his name), the way he presented the game(he played with his friends like Devod or another person whose name I forgot) I got mood for it.

I mostly used my creativity instead of survival (okay at that time there was no creative mod because I started to play that from Beta 1.7.3, but you could mod it (okay, you had to rewrite the minecraft.jar file instead of putting things into a single mod folder), I gotta know with the survival part later. I haven't played this game since 2014, because I got bored of the game, because I spent lots of hours of it, and the current server communities mostly suck of the young careless kids, and I could write a long article about it, but I don't want.

ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2)

I gotta know this game around 2012 or 2013, its similar to OMSI but you drive cars. You have DLCs and mods too like in OMSI, but the base game's map area is kinda too small so I mod it with expansion DLCs and map mods. The game can be boring after a while, so I stop playing it then play with it again for example a few months or years later.



I got this game from my ex-best friend as a present in 2012 or 2013 when the Need For Russia 2 CD broke accidently while they borrowed it so this was a compensation for it. This is a better game than NFR 2, I played a lot with my friend when he came over my flat to play games. This game is literally about destruction derby and stunts, the tracks are good and the quests but the races are usually hard. You can make also an own map which is good in it :)

One hour gameplay of the game:

Deus Ex

I got to know this game in June 2017 by my Skype friend, who I played deathmatches a few times, and he said then that he's been playing it since 2007, and he's an experienced in the game. I started to play singleplayer, but I haven't played it due to my eye strain. Since the school has started i don't play often to be honest.

Max Payne 2

..also gotta know by my Skype friend, and managed to complete it without any walkthrough(took 2-3 months since i didn't play much with it in a session and about 3-4 times in a month) with since it's like a movie so you don't have to think what you do.

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