MerlinXP's webpage

Welcome to my website!

For newbies: I'm a hungarian boy who attends technical secondary school in IT branch, I'm keen on old and new computer technology, on games (especially simulation games and RPG/FPS), on Windows Mockup (it'll have a blog post on my site). You can see the webpages' list in the table below:

Who have already visited one of my earlier pages (Google Sites or Mozello): Yay, I've moved to my own made webpage, because I got bored of the CMS(easy to create) webpages, and I love dealing with own webpage which I can modify as I want. :)

Unfortunately I have shitloads of learning so I don't have time for making my page :/ Deal with that, I can be more efficient on weekends.

The design is slowly but going into a modern design, I was just testing my abilities. BTW, is a great help for everybody, it contains everything that we can use it our pages.

Blog There I won't write my personal things, instead I will my computer made creations/thoughts come into my mind.
Computers I've liked things connection with computers for a long time, so I write there my experiences since 2003-2004.
Games If you're interested what games I know since 2004, have a look at there!
About the webpage There you can read about everything connection with this page's history(also the previous ones').
Retro page The webpage of 90s webpages' style. I write that directly from Windows 98 because it's authentic. (Okay, I run it from a virtual machine, I don't have old PCs :D)
Guestbook Here you can write your own opinion, give me advice, ask question. Feel free to write there.

Enjoy reading! I'll fill with my page with contents as time lets me to do :D