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I like computers for a long time and IT gadgets, that's why I gave this topic a seperate page.

How long have I used computers?

Since 2003 (I was 3 years old then) when I saw computers in the shopping mall (Auchan), and it had magic, it could have been a Win9x system, but I couldn't use it very much, it was frozen, but it was interesting for me. I think I have seen computers at other places but I don't remember for that. (I don't remember exactly if it was in Auchan but yeah since 2003)

Also the first real computer experience was a Windows XP computer (my cousin's) in 2004 to be exact.

What did you buy or did you get or gadgets/things have you used since 2003 which is in connection with IT? (warning: long text)

On Christmas 2004 my cousin got her first computer which had windows XP, this was I think the best stage of home computing, when there was no social media just only small sites like MyVIP or iWIW which was a Hungarian social site but not the Facebook-type, unfortunately it had to close in 2014 due to iWIW was no longer used, users went to Facebook. I played Neighbours from Hell 1 and Colin Mcrae 2 on my cousin's PC.

From 2007 to 2010 I used a Windows 98 PC in my elementary school and that was my favourite(it was an LG made PC, the others were IBM and had XP), this was an interesting PC and grabbed my attention, I played Mario and used Comenius Logo(as lesson work), but the PC broke several times but it was an interesting machine. It had desktop form factor, which had Pentium II or III, but I didn't know it just my own PC's config which is a Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2,53 GhZ with 2 GB RAM. This PC was reinstalled in 2010 and got Windows XP. Then it wasn't important where I sat because all PCs were slow and shit, then 2013 they were replaced with newer Pentium PCs (unbranded), with 1 GB RAM and Win XP (why XP and 1 GB RAM I didn't understood that)

On Christmas 2008 I got my first PC(which had Core 2 Duo) which had Vista, now it has Windows 10 (and it works pretty well in 2017, but since 2008 I had to replace the DVD burner and the 2 RAM modules).

In March 2009 I got connected to the internet, the cable was taken in my room and plugged into my computer (before that there was no computers before 2008, we didn't want to buy a PC, because it was useless to us at that time). If I remember well, I had 5/1 Mbps ADSL connection (512 kB/s download, and 128 kB/s upload)at the firm T-Home which is now Telekom, at that time I got to know the internet at home with Youtube, Google + iGoogle, Google Sidebar and similar sweet things.

In July 2010 I bought a sliding phone, it was an LG(GU230 model), it lasted 6 years (4,5 years at me then I gave it to my father, but it broke at him somehow)

In October 2010 I bought an EPSON Stylus SX405 inkjet printer which still operates well (but the ink likes to dry if I don't use it)

In 2011 we changed ISP(which provides TV, internet, phone line), we're now at DIGI, and I have currently 100/100 Mbps connection(it could be more but the router can't handle it). At first at DIGI I had 80/25 internet which is still fast, especially when the download speed is 5 MB/s or 10 MB/s :D That speed since was almost 12 MB/s but this depends on where do you download the file from.

In 2014 I bought my first smartphone which was a Nokia Lumia 635 (I gave it to my father in 2016). I loved it and didn't too, because it had good camera but the Windows Phone 8.1 OS lacks lots of apps which can be downloaded on Android( the reason is that there's no Adobe Air support so I missed lots of games).

In 2015 I bought myself a Dell laptop which I think was a good purchase because it has Intel Core i5 and I can do more things than on my old PC(slighly more only, due to the 4 GB RAM and 1 GB NVidia VGA, newer games can't run on my laptop like Forza Horizon 3, but GTA V could be, and CS:GO and ARK also, but newer games which requires good hardware, I don't think so)It has 3 years of warranty until June 2018, so if I have issues with my laptop I can send it for a free repair :D My laptop was once at repair, when the HDD had bad sectors and it got replaced.

On Christmas 2015 I got an external HDD from my parents (but we bought it on 06 December(It's on the warranty and on the bill), which has 1 TB of storage (Western Digital Elements), the warranty is 2 years for it. It's very quiet and has USB 3.0, and it's in a seperate HDD cover.

In 2016 I bought an HDMI cable to connect my laptop to my TV if I watch series or a film or a video; and an Android smartphone (Asus Zenfone 2 5" version), on which I can play every game normally; and got a used PC from my dad's previous workplace which has 2 GBs of RAM and Pentium processor from 2009.

In 2017 I bought an IBM PC for myself (see blog post), also HDMI to DVI converter, and similar stuff (there's a blogpost about them too). On christmas I got a huge table which i'm gonna make an article somewhen in the near future.

In 2018: I bought in February a new smartphone(Samsung Galaxy J5 2017) because I fucked up the previous with trying to install open source Android. I got scolded for it and banned from internet using(just only for learning) for a month. I think my mom's too strict. But I was also an idiot for doing that though I knew the risks. Planning other things to buy: A new "budget i3 gaming" PC somewhen in 1-2 years time. I want to assemble that. The need for is that I wanna have a fast PC capable of running games until today with medium presets and 30-60 fps on 1050p resolution.
Installed an FX5200 videocard in the old IBM PC and found an HP SK-2502C keyboard in the cellar which is stored for 8-9 years there. Check out the May 9 2018 blogpost where i account about these.
I brought home an old Altrix serial mouse 1 months later(June 8) from school to make the retro collection complete. I won't use a CRT monitor since they consume a lot and i don't want to make my parents' bill more expensive.

On the 8th of September I decided to take out my spare PC which was under my mom's double-bed. Next day I had a good idea, what if I made a computer from 2. Because the computer I own since 2008 has compatible things that i can use with the spare PC. The spare PC had a shit Codegen 400 W PSU (the fan made a weird engine sound) so I replaced it with my Core 2 Duo PC's, although it's rated to 300 W, with a 350 W peak, it ran my Core 2 Duo config very well, so it works well within the modded PC.

The next thing i changed is the videocard, because the spare PC had a Radeon HD 4550, which is a bad card, compared to the C2D's Geforce 8600 GT. I also put RAM in the computer, since the spare PC had 1 free slot and there was already a 2 GB DDR2 stick in, though my C2D PC had 2x1 GB sticks so i took the appropiate one (since there were 533 and 667 MHz sticks in) - the 667 MHz one.

So it has 3 GB of RAM, and it's pretty fast now IMO. It has a Windows 10 Pro activated on it. The bad thing is that it has only a 250 GB HDD compared to my C2D's 500 GB, but it's enough for my studies. The processor is 12% better than the C2D E7200, so that's why i use this. Also, I'll build a new config inside the spare PC.

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