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September 14, 2018

First of all, why is the page different from the usual layout?

I wanted to edit this page under Windows 98, so there are lots of limitations, because IE 6 knows only CSS 2, which is a pity. But still i can customize the page a lot. But i don't want in the retro method. It sucks a lot i think. I'm a bit like mariteaux, who is against about retro-nostalgiamining. If we do retro, we should do in a good way, not in the overused one!

Okay, you mentioned today's computing... What's about with that?

Nowadays there's a big fight against Intel and AMD, since AMD came up with the Zen architecture, which is very successful. A big question mark went up in my head, why is Intel sucking with the 14nm++ process, instead of co-operating with AMD and make the perfect Intel & AMD processor, under the brand AMD, since now AMD leads the market.

Intel's processors' price went up by 50-100$, which i really don't like, I hope AMD processor's price won't go up, since i'm saving up for a new PC. I already have the case for that, just i wanna build an AMD Ryzen 3 2200G config in it.

If AMD is going to lead the market, Intel will go bankrupt or will be almost on the edge of being bankrupt, since everybody else will buy the cheaper CPU of course.

At least AMD has a good strategy and has huge profit of the Ryzen CPUs/APUs, even if the CPUs are cheap because they can go on the 7nm process by pushing their processor die manufacturing to TSMC, as I read in the tech news.

Yeah, I do really follow the news, and I really like AMD's technique, but i'm very surprised that the leading Intel lost the leading position, because the intel i3-8100 is a very good CPU in terms of price/value. Since intel announced, they're out of stock, now the price is like i5-7400's price (almost) before it went up.

What do you know about the DDR4 bullshit?

Well, I'm a bit angry that the memory prices are very high since 2017, before that it was very cheap, like you could buy 16 GB ram for just 80$ back then, now it's around 200$. The memory i wanna buy is a 2x4GB kit memory, and it costs 27k HUF (roughly 95$).

If you write this text from an old PC, then what do you think about the situation back then?

In 2000, when my IBM PC 300 computer was manufactured, I was born, so i don't know what was back then, but I can tell you there wasn't such a big chaos like nowadays. It was good that you could buy a PC for less than 1000$ for normal usage, i bet that this PC cost around 600-700$ back then, since it has the weakest processor of it's period(Celeron :D)The strongest processor was a Pentium III with around 667, 800 MHz of clock speed, which cost maybe 1000$.

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