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So who am I?


I tell ya quietly that the nostalgia page has traces of my other favourites. Also, the community i'm going to reach aren't my classmates since some of them get really crazy of things I say sometimes. I'd better share this website with my Discord friends and with the neocities community itself.

I created my first webpage May 2012 with Google Sites, then in 2013 because of nickname change i started to create another one, then in 2016 i moved to Mozello, and I decided on 30th September 2017 to create an HTML/CSS webpage, because I can do anything with designing, there are no limits. It will be better, I want to create a retro page, because I like the 90s webpages(and en bloc the 90s of computing world).

I better tell you my webpage's development since 2017 to get a picture where I started from and where I'm now. Yes, it had several designs.(images will come somewhen)

build 1: first version with green gradient wallpaper and green table (30-Sep-2017), started with 3 pages and only in Hungarian despite that had a button for english page (picture)

The webpage is hosted by