Welcome to my website!

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How'ya doin'? In a nutshell who I am: I'm a Hungarian male technical high school student at age of 17(I'll be 18 in July), i'm interested in computer tech(both old and new), games (a wide variety of them), and Windows Mockup "genre".

Unfortunately I have shitloads of learning so I don't have time for making my page :/ Deal with that, I can be more efficient on weekends.

Update 16 March 2018: A complete new webdesign, because it's 2018 and I wanted a new design. The Retro page won't be now accessed due to revamping.
Well, how I learned to make webpages? First of all, in school(about 90% of my knowledge), and with the help of w3school.com.



I've liked things connection with computers for a long time, so I write there my experiences since 2003-2004.


If you're interested what games I know since 2004, have a look at that page! :)


There I won't write my personal things, instead I will my computer made creations/thoughts come into my mind.

Retro page

The webpage of 90s webpages' style. I write that directly from Windows 98 because it's authentic. (Okay, I run it from a virtual machine, I don't have old PCs :D)


Here you can write your own opinion, give me advice, ask question. Feel free to write there.

About the webpage

There you can read about everything connection with this page's history(also the previous ones').